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It’s Fall for your Lashes season, babe, so let’s discuss how we look after our eyelashes so that they’re holding strong and beautiful for as long as possible. Some say that autumn is a time where our lashes may shed a little faster than they normally would; I experience an unexplainable shedding cycle with my eye lash extensions every 4-6 months, so I plan to invest a little extra care this time around in hopes that I can prevent the possibility of the ‘seasonal lash shedding’.

I’m here to remind you that something as little as an eye lash bath and brush is also a perfect way to offer yourself a little Spa routine… for yourself, by yourself, and even better yet – something that can and should be done every day if need be, in the comfort of your own home.



Nouveau Lashes – Lash & Lid Foaming Cleanser

I absolutely love the foaming cleanser by Nouveau Lashes; I’ve only been using it for a few weeks, but I’m never going back to my old ways. This is literally the only time I can use the dangerous ‘never again’ so confidently.

Didn’t our Lash Lady tell us to keep our lashes nice and clean? Yes, she did!

Did we listen? Yes, we gave in! And, I really hope you’re with me on this one…


I know you might like your micellar water or alternative eye make-up removing product, but don’t forget that it needs to be oil-free and gentle on your skin. The Lash & Lid Foaming Cleanser is a perfect solution and should be used at least every 2-3 days, but if you prefer to wear eye make- up daily – you’ll need to make sure that you use it every time you remove your make up, so that you’re also removing all the debris from eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, you name it!


My eyes can be quite sensitive; I find it hard not to tear up when the light is shining directly into my pupils during an extension infill for instance, so I tend to be very careful with products that may cause unnecessary irritation (especially after a long day, when all you want to do is take your make up off). I love the cleanser for how gentle it is. I work the foam around each eyelid and wash it off individually, but even when I have opened my eyes mid-wash with my senses pre-warning me that I’m about to experience some discomfort, I haven’t experienced any itchiness or stinging from this particular cleanser. It makes a difference after going through a time-consuming process of using an overpriced facewash around my eyes for the past 2 years before every bedtime.


These are the simple steps that I take to make the most of the product:


  1. Apply the foam onto a brush (or your fingertips if you prefer). Personally, I avoid using alternative application methods such as cotton buds, so that the residue from it doesn’t get stuck in the lashes.
  2. Guide the product all over your upper eye lid, lash line, and don’t forget your lower lash line too. I do so by using gentle circular motion.
  3. Wash away your troubles under lukewarm water and/or use a fresh make up remover cloth to pat down any residue and rinse the product off. Don’t forget to do so towards the outer corners of your eyes.
  4. Repeat on the other eye if you’ve chosen to opt of multi-tasking like I do!


Let’s be very honest – bacteria collects around our lash lines whether we like it or not. If it’s hay fever season – pollen may irritate our eyes, if we’re sipping cocktails on a beach all day – there’s sea water and sand that collects around our lash line, and if we’re out and about in our day-to-day lives – we’re bound to collect dust and debris in our lashes.


We wash our hair regularly, so doll, let’s wash our lashes too!


This product is currently priced at £14.99 for 50ml of magic liquid, however, if you go for the set which also includes a little brush to help you out when you don’t want to use your fingertips, you can grab it for £17.99 at The Beauty Code


Nouveau Lashes – Lash & Brow Conditioning Serum

As I currently have Volume extensions, I’m finding it tricky to tell how the Lash & Brow Conditioning Serum is impacting the growth of my natural lashes, however, I have been testing it on my eyebrows over the recent weeks, and I am already super happy with the progress I’ve seen! That’s 50% of a product I already want to share with you, you’ll have to stay tuned for the other 50% at a later date.

Truth is, I used to be self-conscious about my eyebrows due to some hairless patches in my inner brow; through using natural remedies and oils during Lockdown, I have managed to grow a significant amount of hairs, but if my eyebrows aren’t tinted – it still feels visible… This probably isn’t even visible to others, but you always know what’s happening with your aesthetics best. The good thing is – I no longer mind, but I’d love to find a product that genuinely works for me in the long-term, and I feel like this may be it.

You are advised to apply the serum on cleansed lashes and brows 2x per day – in the mornings and evenings for best results, but I’m prone to breaking rules and I want to share a tip on how I break my rules with this serum. When I want sleek brows – I use brow gel, but most days I just want them to look moderately fluffy and natural… This is where I’ve been using the serum when I set my eye brows for the day. It is light, dries in under 1 minute, and doesn’t leave marks the same way gels can.

Voila – I’m ready for my day out, and my brow hairs are growing as we speak!

The serum primarily acts as a primer and conditioner, and is specifically designed to nourish your lashes and eyebrows, but I am a fan of products that allow you enough scope to experiment with what works for you, and this one does.

I’ll continue using it, most certainly on my eye brows for now, but once I let my natural lashes take a breather from extensions, you’ll be seeing me talk about this product again just because I’m as intrigued about the results as you are!

You can find the serum here priced at £18.99 for 8ml.


The Lash Code Spoolie

Do you ever lose your complimentary spoolies after lash treatments? Because, same!

The Lash Code Spoolie is the perfect option for so many scenarios. It’s pen-sized and it also has a lid to cover the bristles, making it so much more long-lasting and convenient to carry around… Finally, something that doesn’t collect dust and hairs around the bristles (ew!)

It’s perfect for when you’re going about your busy day or having a late evening out with your friends, and you can feel a random and distracting tug on your lash extensions. You don’t have to dig deep into your handbag searching for a brush, because The Lash Code one presents itself through it’s cute packaging. Personally, I find that this brush is also sturdier, so any time I travel and can’t take a collection of spoolies with me (I actually would if I could) – it’s the one item that is coming along. Ideally, I also like carrying the complimentary one which has softer bristles, but I find that they are super fragile and tend to break quite easily. I have naughty eyebrows that often run riot of their own too, but The Lash Code brush helps me keep them in place, just where they belong.

90% of the time, I use a separate spoolie for my eyelashes and eyebrows; when this isn’t possible, I make sure to brush my eyelashes first and then work around my eyebrows if I need to. Here’s how I like to use the two spoolies to create the perfect brushing combination:

Regular ‘complimentary’ brush: I use this spoolie one on a day-to-day basis, first thing in the morning and just before bed. As the bristles are softer, it’s a decent option for when you need to give your eyelashes or even your brows a quick brush through.

The Lash Code brush: I prefer to use it after I have worn heavier eye make-up for an occasion, so that after I use my foaming cleanser – I can ensure that any final residue is fully removed and that my lashes aren’t tangled up… If they are, I use it carefully to brush through and de-tangle them. I also use it for my eyebrows as it lets me create the preferred brow shape and style that I’m going for when I’m setting them before I head out for the day; I also find that having a quality brush is key for when I have a fresh eyebrow lamination.

Don’t forget to brush those lashes at least 2x per day – in the morning and just before bed to keep them neat and remove any nasties that may be building up around your lash line. Protect those eyes, doll!

You can find the Lash Code Spoolie here for £3.99



Your girl Anya x

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